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GBKA AGM and Spring Lectures were held in Maisemore

GBKA AGM and Spring Lectures were held in Maisemore

In a buzzing display of community spirit, the Gloucestershire Beekeeping Association gathered this past Saturday at the Village Hall for their much-anticipated Annual General Meeting and Honey Show. The event, steeped in tradition and camaraderie, drew bee enthusiasts and local residents alike, offering a sweet glimpse into the world of beekeeping. Amidst the hum of shared knowledge and experiences, the Honey Show emerged as the highlight, showcasing an array of golden hues and the fruits of the members' laborious love for beekeeping. The Village Hall, a cornerstone of community gatherings, provided the perfect backdrop for this blend of formal assembly and celebratory exhibition, further enriching the tapestry of local traditions and the vibrant life of Gloucester's beekeeping aficionados

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Written by Steve Armstrong-Godwin and published on 18 February 2024.
Last edited on 19 March 2024.
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